Best GPS Watch for Kids Review: Xplora X5 VS TickTalk 4

GPS watches for kids

A growing number of missing children are reported yearly by the FBI. In 2020 alone, there are over 1,600 children under the age of 11 that were reported missing across the United States. The majority of the missing children were caused by runaways or just being lost.

As a parent, you wanted your child to be safe at all times. But how can you increase your child’s safety? Fortunately, with the help of GPS technology, you can now have access to your child’s location all the time! Almost all smartphones carry GPS technology for better tracking and fast web browsing due to better data transfer. But then you do not want a smartphone for your kid as this will distract them from academics and will open them to predators online.

Luckily there are smartwatches in the market right now specifically made for children that are not only GPS capable, but also have a ton of features that both you and your child can benefit from! So what should you consider when buying a new GPS watch for kids? Don’t you worry! We will explore features that you should look into a watch, as well as explain why and how your child can benefit from it. Let’s get started!

Why You Should Get A GPS Watch for Your Kids?

1. You Are Always Aware Of Your Kid’s Whereabouts

If your smartphone has a GPS function, you can use the accompanying app to monitor the exact position of your child. Having a GPS tracker on your child’s watch comes in handy once they are playing outside. Now you can constantly monitor and keep an eye on the kid without having to hover around the whole day. Some GPS trackers on kids’ watches will give the parent notifications once the kid moves from a particular location.

2. Encourages Children To Exercise

Using different GPS trackers or GPS watches encourages children to be more playful because you are not afraid of them getting up from the couch and going outside to play. Parents feel more secure with the kids out thus reducing the time children stay indoors watching TV programs, video games, and custom board game all day due to parents’ insecurities. It is also easy to keep track of all the activities that your kid is involved in on the app you have on your smartphone.

3. You Can Always Reach Your Child

Did you know watches could also have sim cards? This way. your child can make calls at any time using their GPS watch. There is no possibility for your child not answering your calls because the watch is always on their wrist. Again, your child can send messages and photos to their friends.

The Factors You Should Consider When Choosing The Best Kids GPS Watches

1. Tracking Accuracy

Before settling for a GPS tracker for your child, it is essential to inquire about the tracking accuracy. A tracker should give you accurate information on where your child is.

2. How Long The Battery Will Last

The kind of tracking involved is what determines the battery life of the kids’ GPS watch. Choose a watch with a battery that lasts at least 4 to 5 days for effective monitoring.

3. Two-way Communication

It is among the most important features to consider if you want to video chat and call your kid. Two-way communication makes parents feel more secure. Choose wisely because all GPS Smartphone watches are different.

4. SOS Alerts

The SOS function is a feature on kids’ GPS watches. A preset list of people is contacted when the kid long presses a specific button. It is a safety measure that you teach your child; whenever they feel their safety is threatened, they push, and you receive a notification.

5. Water-resistant

We know kids can be careless; therefore, choosing a water-resistant watch will serve best. It will save you the hassle of replacing the watch now and then.

6. Camera

Go for a watch with a good camera; in an event where your kid is lost. and they contact you through the smartphone, they can take a photo of where they are in case they do not know the location.

Best GPS Watch for Kids Review

After careful selection on Amazon, we can only pick out two kids’ GPS watches that satisfy us.

1. Xplora X5

Xplora X5 GPS Watch

The Xplora X5 is specifically designed for children who are very active outdoors and to keep their parents worry-free! Made from premium durable materials, it guarantees to be in the best working condition despite the presence of other harmful elements like dirt, water, and mud.

Ideal for parents to keep track of their children even if they are away, especially if they are at school, on camping trips, playground, or at that park!

  • 1.4″ TFT Touchscreen
  • Ultimate Parental Control
  • Pedometer (G-sensor)
  • Premium durable quality
  • IP68 Water resistance rating
  • Easy setup
  • Design aesthetics can be used for children and teens
  • Price
  • Minor connection issues while using an Android app
  • For best results, you may need to test out other cellular networks depending on your location

2. TickTalk 4

TickTalk 4 GPS Watch

The Ticktalk 4 smartwatch with its rugged design, two 5 megapixel cameras, and wide touchscreen, allows your child to capture great memories while playing at the park or exploring!

Also, with its convenient safety features, parents will have more time for themselves and less worry about the children and their activities. An absolute win-win scenario for everyone!

  • 2x 5-megapixel camera
  • History Routes
  • 911 Response
  • Premium durable quality
  • IP67 Water resistance rating
  • 67-hour average battery life
  • Shock and drop proof
  • Price
  • Minor connection issues while using an Android app
  • For best results, you may need to test out other cellular networks depending on your location


In this digital era wherein danger comes in different forms, it is important to teach the children the values of safety and to be mindful and aware of their environment. This will help them develop a clear idea of how to distinguish between jeopardy and fun. Luckily, technology allows us to add this extra layer of safety and confidence that will keep the parents worry-free and for the kids to freely enjoy their young lives.