One of the jewels of Swiss society: The Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner watch model is a timepiece damn hard to beat. For many people, a Rolex watch is an aspiration and a symbol of success. The power of the Swiss Society is that it has created a demand for the name, in many respects, even more than for the products they manufacture. This subtlety does not detract from the value of the product itself.

The message is that Rolex is a company whose image in many ways is stronger than its products. The good news is that when it comes to product, Rolex watches will not let you down. If anyone asks me why Rolex is such a guarantee of success, I will tell them that more often than not, their products are really made with the finest technology and with quality materials. Of course, Rolex does not make every type of watch you want and is not the best in everything, but it is clear that in addition to their enviable and distinguished brand image, they make reflective products up to the smallest screw.


Fans and the general public have different tastes, and if there is a watch that I can think of that also appeals to the lover of the watch that the general public, it is the famous Rolex Submariner which comes in two versions: the 114060 and the 116610. Why Rolex offers two versions of this Cadillac model of their product line? This is a very good question, indeed. And it goes back to the days of the fans of the original Rolex Submariner watches that began its existence in the 1950s. The latter has acquired a complication of date throughout history, a technological marvel of miniaturization for the time. Rolex eventually produced models both with the date and without the date.

The Rolex Submariner with Date actually costs about $ 1,000 more, and what you get for that amount is an elaborate elaborate date complication system with a crystal convex lens as part of the date to optimize the size and to better read it. Not everyone is a fan of the magnifying glass, and if you want to keep the date, but you do not like the magnifying glass a good alternative for you might be the new Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000 watch. While the 116610 model is a classic and iconic design, it’s hard not to prefer the elegance of the perfectly symmetrical and simpler dial of the 114060. So we feel a certain freedom to not have the complication of the date in the which is purified of this feature. Rolex watches are built with the precision of scientific instruments and they are among the few watches that you can inspect with a magnifying glass and always appreciate the perfection that is present even in the smallest details.

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