Men’s Designer Watches – Define Luxury And Add Persona

According to many, along with the many accessories which make a man stand out, a watch is as important! Not only does it help read time but looks a masterpiece on the wrist! Designer watches have been a craze these days, more of a fashion statement for men. They define luxury and add persona. And as has technology always had an upper hand, certain watches are looked upon as best bets for men, designer watches being one of them.

Men's Designer Watches

The popularity of the brands of designer watches varies according to the place but few brands like Rolex, TAG Heuer, Cartier, Timex, Seiko, Omega and Tissot are known worldwide for their amazing exquisite designs in combination with advanced technology.

Rolex Men's Watches

Rolex has been the popular brand for its brilliant horological history and is the first certified designer watch. It looks elegant and just perfect! The probable next on the list is TAG Heuer which looks original and is a trend setter patented by Edouard Heuer for the first crown winding mechanism. Think of Omega designer watches, and I can picture Pierce Brosnan in James Bond. Known for its close association with James Bond, this popular brand is the first watch been on the moon. Cartier comes next in the list; it looks extremely masculine with a range of designs to offer. The Tissot watches are more of stylish and seen sported by Hollywood blockbusters because of the T touch technology. All in all, the stainless steel ones win hands down!

stainless steel watches for men

Well, what also matters is how you choose the best men watch brand in the town. For casual wear, the stainless steel ones are the best. Seiko and Timex are among the few best which are forte in this. If you are planning for a picnic on weekend, then probably it is best you go for the durable, rugged ones. And of course, when it comes occasions, then designer watches can’t be overlooked at all. Go for the ones which look smart with your attire.

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