Cartier Watches Maintenance – How To Avoid Costly Repairs

Congratulations on the purchase of your beautiful new Cartier Watch, lets learn how to keep it out of a Cartier Watch Repair center. You need to learn how to care for it so you can avoid having to have costly repairs done to your watch!

Your new watch is a luxury item that will require special care and attention. It doesn’t matter if you wear it occasionally or sport it everyday; your watch needs to be cared for.

Keeping your timepiece’s accuracy, regularity of rate and authenticity can be done by following a few helpful guidelines. These day-to-day instructions will help preserve the precious investment you made and avoid having to visit a Cartier Watch Repair service.

Day-To-Day Care

Day-To-Day Care

  • Avoid having your watch around magnetic sources; like computers or smart phones, as these devices can effect the movements of your watch or worse (demagnetization).
  • Do not wear your watch while sleeping – prevents wear and tear on the bracelet.
  • Avoid wearing a bracelet on the same wrist as your watch – it can damage the polished surfaces and precious stones on your watch.
  • Do not wear your watch while participating in any athletic activities – the vibrations can damage the movement of your watch.
  • Use only a soft, dry cloth to clean your watch.

Changing The Battery

Changing The Battery

The battery inside your Cartier Watch has a lifespan of about two to three years. Take care to remember this; as a deteriorating battery can cause the deterioration of the entire movement.

Your warranty requires that the battery can only be changed at a Cartier After-Sales Service at any Cartier boutique, or by any authorized Cartier Watch Repair dealer. Also, in accordance with the warranty, whenever a battery changing service occurs and your watch is opened; the Cartier technician is required to test the water-resistance of your watch.

Water Resistance

Your Cartier Watch is certified water resistant. However, here are a few things to remember before putting your watch underwater:

  • Make sure that the crown of your watch is not pulled out.
  • Do not activate the push pieces for the chronograph function, the minute-repeater, or the second time zone.
  • Always rinse your water-resistant watch in fresh water after a swim. It neutralizes the damage that can be caused  by ocean-water or chlorine.

The water-resistance seals on your watch will begin to deteriorate naturally over time. So if you have a physically active lifestyle, or spend a lot of time in the water, it’s recommended that you have a water-resistance check done every year.

This check determines the condition of your watch’s water-resistance, and if the water-resistant seals need to be replaced. Again, it can only be done by an authorized Cartier Watch Service Center.

The Movement

The movement of your Cartier Watch is an intricate mechanism, therefore it needs to be cleaned in regular intervals. This is needed to prevent the oils inside from drying out, which could cause friction and disrupt the accuracy of the mechanism.

Generally, you need to have your watch serviced about once every five years. This will preserve the precision and reliability of your watch’s movement.

However, if your watch begins to run significantly slow or fast, the movement will need to be serviced sooner than five years.

Whether you wear your watch occasionally or all the time, a mechanical watch needs to be wound ever so often to keep the workings of the movement oiled regularly.

Remembering these tips will help keep your functioning properly and out of a Cartier Watch Repair service center.

The Metal Bracelet

The metal bracelet of your Authentic Cartier Watch needs to be maintained as well. To minimize the wear and tear and also keep your metal bracelet in good condition, it’s recommended that you have your bracelet adjusted so it fits closely to your wrist.

If you wear your watch on a daily basis, then the bracelet needs to be cleaned every two months. When you purchase a Men’s Cartier Watch, I would highly recommend that you agree to the maintenance kit that is offered with your purchase.

When using the kit, make sure the crown of your watch is not pulled out. This protects the movement. Also, the materials in the kit are flammable so keep it away from any type of heat source.

Final Thoughts

The recommendations made here will help to significantly increase the lifespan of your Cartier Watch. Cartier Watches require much care and attention, and you need to do everything you can to protect your investment.

Because Cartier produces such a high quality and well made timepiece, the chances that you will need a Cartier Watch Repair service for your Cartier Watches For Men is remote at best.

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